Monday, December 1, 2008

Perfect Holiday Gifts - Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the easiest gifts to give - no worries about sizing, and a gift box does your wrapping for you!

Check out some of our favorite jewelry items, all perfect as gifts this holiday season, and reasonably priced to boot:

Eldorado Club's "Amor" Necklace, available exclusively at - $36

From Classic Hardware, this cute Black & White silhouette necklace featuring a pinup girl design on a beaded chain - $69

Feed her Frida obsession with this exclusive portrait necklace from Beijo Brasil - $39

This beautiful koi fish necklace from Lucky LooLoo is silver plated with tiffany blue enameling - $52

Feel free to explore our entire Jewelry Department - there's something for every budget, and quite a few sale items you'll find if you dig around!

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